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It all starts with a resume, which not only gets the attention of potential employers, but persuades them to hire you above everyone else! That™s what it™s all about! Nothing else.

In today™s job market you need to really stand out to get hired!
There are people out there with the same education AND with more experience, competing for the same job as you! So why should someone hire you, and not them?
I don't need to tell you, that you need a damn good resume to get a job. Without it, you are just wasting your time and getting depressed.
Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer sees. It must impress them enough to make them pick up the phone and call you for the interview.
If your resume looks like a fifth grader put it together, or if it™s drab, you won't get that phone call! End of story.
An effective, outstanding resume is the single most important tool that you need to get a job. It must be professional, concise, and persuasive enough to instil trust and excitement in the employer.
If your resume sucks, it gets trashed. If your resume rocks, you get the first phone call and make a big impact on the potential employer. You want your resume to get the person reading it excited to talk to you.
Sadly, most people have absolutely no clue how to create a resume worth a darn.
Sure, there are those free resume clinics down at the unemployment office or at the library, but they are extremely basic and dated. Then there are resume services that charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to create a professional resume. If you had so much money, you probably wouldn™t need a job.
Does your resume convey an image of a professional and exciting person that sounds like a dream to work with?
Do you think an employer is going to want to call you after reading it?
Do you even know what a good resume should look or sound like these days?
Get this App, create a Rockstar resume, and get a great job! It's THAT simple.
You're about to learn how to create the kind of resume that anybody would feel privileged to read, without you hiring a professional writer and paying them a fortune.

Remember this:
The best resume gets the first phone call.
This means, that you will have an advantage through the entire hiring process because your resume is done properly!
Create a resume that makes potential employers excited to work with you! Resume Rockstar will guide you through the process of creating a resume that gets attention.
* A fun and easy to understand video course
* Learn the secrets of the resume pros
* Attention getting tricks of the trade, which make employers call you!
* What your local resume seminar isn't telling you
* You don't have to be a resume writing pro to do this!
Everything is covered in an easy to follow, fun to participate in video seminar, that gently guides you through crafting a œkick-butt resume.

Resume Rockstar teaches you everything you need to know:
* Resume overview
* The new job market
* Student, professional, etc.
* Hidden resume agendas
* Seconds to impact - find out why you only have a few seconds to make a big impact on the potential employer and how to make your resume grab their attention.

* Resume guts and mechanics
* Spicing it up
And more.
Can you really write a great resume?
Resume Rockstar was created with the complete newbie in mind. You don't have to have any previous experience and you don't need to be a professional writer.
This video course will show you how to create a resume that grabs the attention of potential employers and forces them to call you for an interview! Isn™t that what you want?
Resume Rockstar video system. It is Easy!
Just download the App for the price of a cup of coffee, watch the 5 sections of video seminar, and create an awesome Rockstar resume today!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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